Kahwa Coffee

Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company, established in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2006 by Sarah and Raphael Perrier, is now Florida's leading independent coffee roaster. Renowned for its exceptional Arabica coffee, Kahwa selects premium beans from around the globe, blending and roasting them to highlight each origin's unique flavors. The company ensures freshness and quality by roasting and packaging its blends to order.

Kahwa gained significant recognition in 2008 when celebrated French chef Paul Bocuse chose its coffee for his Epcot restaurant, Chefs de France, boosting its wholesale business. That year also marked the opening of Kahwa's first retail café in downtown St. Petersburg, aiming to offer personalized service and serve as a community hub.

Currently, Kahwa operates 14 retail outlets and serves over 800 wholesale clients, continuing to focus on product excellence and superior customer service as it expands its reach.


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