It's Our Nature

My company, It's Our Nature (ION), grew alongside my personal journey, leading me into organic agriculture and ethical product development. As our 20-year milestone approached in 2014, I sought a new path, needing someone with dedication and a fresh perspective to take over ION.

I opted against traditional business sale methods, believing the right successor would come along. This search proved challenging; the new owners had to be committed to environmental health, capable of running a mobile store, and enthusiastic about continuous learning and customer education. Amidst doubts and personal plans to start a permaculture homestead in Panama, I worried about the future of ION and my legacy.

Then, Kim and Steve, market friends I had known for years, expressed their interest. Through heartfelt conversations and a visit to our farm, their genuine commitment and aligned values became clear. Their partnership felt like the perfect match for ION, ensuring it would be in caring hands and continue to make a positive impact. With Kim and Steve at the helm, ION found its new "Guides," fulfilling my dream of a smooth transition and ongoing contribution to a better world.


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